Magical beans may have their place, but real-life success is a more solid base.

EleCare® and EleCare® Jr Success Stories*

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Did You Know?

EleCare and EleCare Jr are nutritionally complete amino acid-based formulas for your growing infant or child.

*Success stories based on previous formulations of EleCare.

EleCare and EleCare Jr help children with severe food allergies and a variety of GI disorders discover the joy of simple moments. Find your inspiration in others’ success stories. And share how EleCare or EleCare Jr has helped your family enjoy more and worry less.

Stanton's Story

Difficult conditions early on lead to a promising future because of EleCare.

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Trent's Story

Transformed from rough beginnings to a happy energetic boy.

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Collin's Story

Finding the right formula was the key to my baby boy's health.

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Peighton's Story

A long journey full of tests and hospital stays led to a joyful toddler.

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Lily's Story

After a difficult start in life, doctors found the right formula.

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Kaareen's Story

Through much adversity, an amazing little boy is happy and growing.

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Olivia's Story

A devastating diagnosis and a family's quest for answers led to a happy toddler.

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Ryan's Story

Years of struggle, tests, and specialists finally led to answers.

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