The nutrition in EleCare and EleCare Jr is an ongoing gift, something Jack and his friends keep growing with.
EleCare Jr
EleCare® Jr is designed to meet the nutritional needs of children ages 1 year and older.

EleCare® Jr

Complete Nutrition for Your Growing Child

EleCare Jr is designed to meet the nutritional needs of children ages 1 year and older who cannot tolerate milk, soy, or protein hydrolysate formulas. The amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formula is clinically shown to be effective for maintaining growth in children with severe food allergies and cow’s milk allergy when used as a primary source of calories.1 Plus, EleCare Jr meets or exceeds 100% of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for children ages 1 to 13.

In 1,000 mL for ages 1 to 3; 1,300 mL for ages 4 to 8; and 1,700 mL for ages 9 to 13 when fed at 30 Cal/fl oz

Nutritional Information Mixing Instructions

EleCare® Jr Nutritional Information

Vitamins Minerals
Protein Equivalent, g 14.3 Vitamin A, IU 1280 Calcium, mg 543
Fat, g 22.7 Vitamin A, mcg RE 384 Calcium, mEq 27.2
Carbohydrate, g 49.3 Vitamin D, IU 281 Phosphorus, mg 395
Linoleic Acid, mg 3939 Vitamin D, mcg 7.0 Magnesium, mg 74
Calories 469 Vitamin E, IU 9.71 Iron, mg 8.3
Vitamin K, mcg 60 Zinc, mg 5.4
Thiamin (Vitamin B1), mcg 985 Manganese, mcg 601
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), mcg 495 Copper, mcg 601
Vitamin B6, mcg 393 Iodine, mcg 41.6
Vitamin B12, mcg 2.0 Selenium, mcg 12.5
Niacin, mcg 7878 Chromium, mcg 10.9
Folic Acid (Folacin), mcg 139 Molybdenum, mcg 12.3
Pantothenic Acid, mcg 1974 Sodium, mg 212
Biotin, mcg 19.9 Sodium, mEq 9.2
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), mg 42.5 Potassium, mg 706
Choline, mg 140 Potassium, mEq 18.0
Inositol, mg 23.6 Chloride, mg 281
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Vitamins Minerals
Volume, mL 1000 Vitamin A, IU 2769 Calcium, mg 1174
Protein Equivalent, g 31 Vitamin A, mcg RE 830 Calcium, mEq 58.7
Fat, g 49.1 Vitamin D, IU 608 Phosphorus, mg 854
Carbohydrate, g 106.7 Vitamin D, mcg 15.2 Magnesium, mg 160
Linoleic Acid, mg 8520 Vitamin E, IU 21 Iron, mg 18
Osmolality, mOsm/kg H2O 590 Vitamin K, mcg 130 Zinc, mg 11.7
Calories 1014 Thiamin (Vitamin B1), mcg 2130 Manganese, mcg 1300
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), mcg 1070 Copper, mcg 1300
Vitamin B6, mcg 850 Iodine, mcg 90
Vitamin B12, mcg 4.3 Selenium, mcg 27
Niacin, mcg 17040 Chromium, mcg 23.5
Folic Acid (Folacin), mcg 300 Molybdenum, mcg 26.5
Pantothenic Acid, mcg 4270 Sodium, mg 459
Biotin, mcg 43 Sodium, mEq 20.0
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), mg 92 Potassium, mg 1526
Choline, mg 303 Potassium, mEq 39.0
Inositol, mg 51 Chloride, mg 608
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EleCare® Jr Mixing Instructions

Your child's health depends on carefully following these directions. Ask your child's doctor if you need to boil (sterilize) water for formula preparation. Depending on the child's specific needs, preparation will vary as prescribed by physician. Follow physician's instructions carefully.
  • Wash your hands, surfaces and utensils.
  • Pour desired amount of water into clean container (see Powder Mixing Guide).
  • Add powder; return dry scoop to can.
  • Cap container; shake well.
  • Once feeding begins, use within 1 hour or discard.

Powder Mixing Guide

Dilution at 30 Cal/fl oz

Measure water + Add scoop(s)of
unpacked level powder
using enclosed scoop
= Final volume (approx.)

5 fl oz


4 scoops (38 g)


6 fl oz

7.5 fl oz


6 scoops (57 g)


9  fl oz

For most accurate results, EleCare Jr should be weighed on a scale that reads in grams.

1Sicherer SH, Noone SA, Koerner CB, et al. Hypoallergenicity and efficacy of an amino acid-based formula in children with cow’s milk and multiple food hypersensitivities. J Pediatr 2001;138:688-693.

*Nutrient values are applicable when prepared as directed.